Advance Praise for Happy Parents Happy Kids by Ann Douglas

What people are saying about Happy Parents, Happy Kids by Ann Douglas (to be published on February 19, 2019 by HarperCollins Canada).


“She’s done it again! Ann Douglas has written yet another must-read book for Canadian parents. Based on interviews with dozens of real moms and dads, Happy Parents Happy Kids is an engaging, timely, and comprehensive look at parenting culture today, offering insights and strategies that parents can use to create happier, healthier families. If you buy one parenting book this year, Happy Parents Happy Kids should be it.”
—Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-Chief, Today’s Parent

“As a parent of two kids with more than ordinary needs, I wish I’d had a book like this when I was just getting started. It took a long time for me to figure out that sometimes, it’s the parents who need to change, not their kids. This book helped me see that too.”
—Brian Goldman, MD, author of The Power of Kindness

“In Happy Parents Happy Kids, Ann Douglas has written the quintessential handbook for parenting in the digital age. She’s covered every conceivable angle and topic, and gives practical, compassionate, non-judgmental, and research-based advice. Buy a copy (or two) for every expecting, new, or veteran parent you know.”
—Richard Monette and the Active for Life team

“Ann Douglas has written another wonderful book: the perfect book, in fact, for our times. Parents everywhere who are struggling with the anxiety of parenting will benefit immeasurably from the stories that are told and the way they are told. Happy Parents Happy Kids delivers exactly what the title promises.”
—Dr. Stuart Shanker, author of Self-Reg and founder of The MEHRIT Centre

“This is a magnificent book. Ann Douglas has gone inside the lives of so many of us as parents and captured the joys, the challenges, and most importantly the ‘what to do about it’ dilemmas. She tackles head-on the issues of our day: distracted parenting, anxious guilt-ridden parenting. She states the subject, provides the evidence and so importantly makes practical, ‘I can do this’ suggestions. There are so many terrific messages here; we are not meant to travel this parenting journey alone. Find your village, aspire for healthy living; love your kids, love yourself. LOVE this book.”
—Jean Clinton, child psychiatrist

“An essential guide to navigating the minefields in early twenty-first century parenting, Ann Douglas’s latest delivers insights, empathy, and practical ways to shift from surviving to thriving.”
—Armine Yalnizyan, economist

“In an age of peak parental anxiety, Happy Parents Happy Kids is a tonic for what ails us. As a parent of two near-teen boys, I loved this book’s combination of witty tone and wise advice. I feel better equipped for the most important job I have: being a great Dad.”
—Rick Smith, co-author of Slow Death by Rubber Duck

“Just as rising inequality is disrupting work, community life, and much else in Canada, it is disrupting parenting and childhood. So Ann [Douglas] wisely disrupts parenting advice. Rather than fueling the anxiety and fear that we tend to parent with in such times, Ann’s advice stokes optimism. She trusts us and invites us to trust the kids. We’re okay. Our social policies that support decent paid work and family obligations need to be better. It’s time to raise Canada, not just our children.”
—Lisa Wolff, Director, Policy and Research, UNICEF Canada


“Finally, a parenting book for real parents—a book that recognizes that we don’t have to be perfect and neither do our kids. If you’re looking for a parenting book that will leave you feeling calmer and more confident—as opposed to more anxious and more guilty —this is the book for you. Yes, parenting is tough, but you have what it takes to get through this—and this kind and encouraging book helps to point the way.”
—Claire Kerr-Zlobin, Founder and CEO of Life With a Baby

“Once again, Ann Douglas shares insights on navigating the complex world of parenting in Happy Parents Happy Kids. Ann has the unique ability to combine the latest research with down-to-earth advice. An important read for parents and grandparents interested in being the best they can be.”
—Nora Spinks , CEO, the Vanier Institute of the Family