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A calendar of upcoming events featuring Ann Douglas, author of Happy Parents, Happy Kids — a guide to thriving alongside your child — and Parenting Through the Storm — a guide to parenting a child with a mental health, neurodevelopmental, or behavioural challenge.

Interested in having Ann speak to your group? Please get in touch. She'd love to brainstorm the possibilities and provide you with information about purchasing copies of her books at a significant discount. 

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The Workaround, Toronto, Ontario
5:00 PM17:00

The Workaround, Toronto, Ontario

Ann Douglas and Amanda Munday.jpg

“Supporting the Parenthood Journey: A Conversation with Ann Douglas and Amanda Munday”

Join Ann and Amanda for an in-depth conversation about the intersection of parenthood and mental health and how we can support each other as parents, colleagues, and neighbours.

This is a free event, but tickets are limited and pre-registration is required.

*Please note this event is scheduled at a family-friendly time, will include snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Childcare is available for this event. Please email hello@theworkaround.ca to reserve your spot.

Happy Parents, Happy Kids and Day Nine: a postpartum depression memoir will be available for purchase at this event, and there will be an opportunity for book signing after the Q&A with Ann and Amanda.

About Ann Douglas:

Ann Douglas is a bestselling parenting author and the weekend parenting columnist for CBC Radio. She is the creator of The Mother of All Book series and the author of Parenting Through the Storm. In February 2019, HarperCollins Canada published her latest book, Happy Parents, Happy Kids.

About Amanda Munday:

Amanda Munday is the sole owner and founder of The Workaround, a coworking space with childcare in Toronto. She is a skilled storyteller with years of experience growing companies through social media, traditional marketing and public relations. Her first memoir Day Nine details her experience of severe postpartum depression which culminated in an 18-day involuntary stay in a Toronto psychiatric ward.

Amanda has received international media coverage including being named an inspirational speaker in Forbes Magazine. She is also a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail on topics related to economic opportunities for women and universal childcare. In November 2017 she secured a federal petition on universal childcare which was tabled in the House of Commons.

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Best Start Ontario Conference, Toronto, Ontario
to Feb 14

Best Start Ontario Conference, Toronto, Ontario

Ann will be delivering "The Umbrella Workshop: Helping Families to Weather the Storm" at the Best Start Ontario Conference -- a conference for service providers who work in preconception health, prenatal health and early child development.

Workshop description:

Looking for strategies for supporting parents and kids who are struggling? In this compassionate and idea-rich workshop, you will learn 

•    Why so many parents are struggling with feelings of anxiety, guilt, and overwhelm—and how this affects both their health and their parenting
•    How the health of parents affects the health of kids—and vice versa—and what this means for families who are struggling with challenges both big and small
•    Seven things the parent of a child who is struggling really needs to hear—and how to deliver these all-important messages in an empowering and guilt-free way
•    Proven strategies for overcoming the biggest barriers to parent engagement, including parent anxiety and fear
•    What the science of behavioural change can teach us about supporting parents through the process of becoming happier and healthier alongside their kids—and in ways that actually work in the real world.

During this session, you’ll be guided through the process of creating a family engagement mini-plan (your chance to capture and build upon the key ideas raised in this workshop). You’ll also have an opportunity to swap strategies and share best practices with colleagues.

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Caledon-Dufferin Victim Services, Caledon, Ontario
7:00 PM19:00

Caledon-Dufferin Victim Services, Caledon, Ontario

Ann Douglas will be presenting "The Umbrella Workshop: Helping Families to Weather the Storm" -- a workshop for first responders supporting families in crisis. The workshop will emphasize strategies for supporting parents and other family members when a family member is in crisis (how to make a real difference for that family — and in a potentially life-changing way) and important messages families need to hear from their community, when those families are in the midst of weathering a storm. 

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Toronto Public Library: Tutor Conference 2017, Toronto, Ontario
9:00 AM09:00

Toronto Public Library: Tutor Conference 2017, Toronto, Ontario

Ann Douglas will be the keynote speaker at the Toronto Public Library's Tutor Conference 2017 (a professional development day for tutors volunteering with the Toronto Public Library system). She will be speaking on "The Power of Connection: A mental health toolkit for tutors working with child, youth, and adult learners."

Workshop description: Wondering what you can do to make a difference for a learner who is struggling with a mental health challenge? Eager to learn more about managing challenging behaviours? This thought-provoking and highly interactive session will provide you with the tools you need to forge powerful relationships—and in ways that support mental health. 

You’ll learn
• The importance of taking a “learner’s eye view” of the tutoring process as a means of better understanding and meeting the needs of each individual.
• The best ways to respond to challenging behaviours in learners and their family members (everything from missed appointments to angry outbursts to extreme anxiety). 
• The power of relationship (why relationships are fundamental to the success of the tutoring process—and how to seize the opportunity to make a difference for each learner).

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York Region District School Board: The Quest for Well-Being: A Collective Commitment
10:45 AM10:45

York Region District School Board: The Quest for Well-Being: A Collective Commitment

Ann will be presenting at the 2017 York Region District School Board Quest Conference. The theme of this year's conference is "The Quest for Well-Being: A Collective Commitment." 

Workshop description: "Let’s Spark a Revolution of Caring"

In this inspiring and story-rich workshop, Ann Douglas will talk about ways to spark a revolution of caring in our classrooms and communities. She will talk about how practicing self-care and self-compassion create the foundation for a healthy community (a critical message for students, teachers, parents, support staff and other community members). She will also talk about ways to make caring contagious by offering support to others.

Conference registration details here.

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