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A calendar of upcoming events featuring Ann Douglas, author of Happy Parents, Happy Kids — a guide to thriving alongside your child — and Parenting Through the Storm — a guide to parenting a child with a mental health, neurodevelopmental, or behavioural challenge.

Interested in having Ann speak to your group? Please get in touch. She'd love to brainstorm the possibilities and provide you with information about purchasing copies of her books at a significant discount. 

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Cosburn Middle School, Toronto, Ontario

Big-Picture Parenting: Learn how important it is for parents to both model and guide their children’s behaviour. Guiding, or scaffolding, involves being aware of where a child is at developmentally right now and then asking them questions (or guiding actions) so that the child can master new skills. Those skills could include everything from dealing with challenging emotions to mastering the art of relationship repair (because things can and do go wrong in relationships!) The presentation also talks about how important it is for parents to remain calm, to treat themselves and their children with compassion, to have developmentally appropriate expectations of their children, and to keep their big-picture hopes and dreams for their child and their family at the forefront of all their parenting decisions.