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A calendar of upcoming events featuring Ann Douglas, author of Happy Parents, Happy Kids — a guide to thriving alongside your child — and Parenting Through the Storm — a guide to parenting a child with a mental health, neurodevelopmental, or behavioural challenge.

Interested in having Ann speak to your group? Please get in touch. She'd love to brainstorm the possibilities and provide you with information about purchasing copies of her books at a significant discount. 

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York Region District School Board: The Quest for Well-Being: A Collective Commitment

Ann will be presenting at the 2017 York Region District School Board Quest Conference. The theme of this year's conference is "The Quest for Well-Being: A Collective Commitment." 

Workshop description: "Let’s Spark a Revolution of Caring"

In this inspiring and story-rich workshop, Ann Douglas will talk about ways to spark a revolution of caring in our classrooms and communities. She will talk about how practicing self-care and self-compassion create the foundation for a healthy community (a critical message for students, teachers, parents, support staff and other community members). She will also talk about ways to make caring contagious by offering support to others.

Conference registration details here.